Waves or nothing

A film by Sofia Alaoui

Water Cinematography by Leia Vita


More than 2.3 Million Viewers Watch “Waves or Nothing” on it’s first television appearance!”

This Sunday, March 17th, 2019 at 21 pm on TV 2 M, we offer you a new episode of our documentary series: "The Moroccans of the Future."
For the fourth documentary of this collection, we gave carte blanche to Sofia Alaoui.
For his first film, the director, takes us to Tamraght, a small village near Taghazout. In this rural town, Meryem was born. Daughter of farmers, who left the school at thirteen years old, Meryem had a future: household chores, field work and early marriage.
However, since birth Meryem grew up overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the call of the waves changed her destiny. Today Meryem is 20 years old, a 4 times Moroccan Surf Champion, and continues to chase her dream like the waves she overlaps: participate in the world championship.
Under a frail appearance, Meryem is a woman of iron as it’s not simple to impose yourself in a reputable male-dominant sport.
With modesty, respect and sometimes admiration, Sofia Alaoui's camera seizes the momentum of a young woman who breaks stereotypes and embodies a generation that aspires to live her dreams.
Right now, "Waves or Nothing" an unreleased documentary by Sofia Alaoui. A TV PRODUCTION 2 M AND ALI ' n productions.


The Roots Awaken Exhibit at Life Food Organic   

January 2017 

Leia had original prints from her series, The Roots Awaken, on display at Life Food Organic . These images were taken in various communities in Ecuador- from the Amazon to the Andes, to raise awareness on social and environmental issues in the region. Proceeds from this series were donated back to the communities. This photo series was in conjunction with the full-length documentary, Las Raices Despiertan (aka The Roots Awaken Film) by Kumiko Hayashi. 


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