Leia Vita Marasovich

Sun Sign: Aquarius // Moon Sign: Sagittarius  // Rising: Gemini

Style: Wabi-sabi meets bell bottoms

Heritage: Croatian + Slovenian

Current Residence: Imsouane, Morocco

Photographic Inspiration: Jimmy Nelson // Edward J. Curtis 

Past-life: Rapper

Age: 27

Favorite Thing To Shoot: Indigenous cultures + surfing

Best Advice Ever Given: "Buy a camera and move to Ecuador"- Kumiko //

"Embrace the peak [of the wave]  and keep your back straight"- Lex

Worst Advice: "Don't do it."

Best Therapy: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, surfing, yoga, or painting

Favorite Vegetable: Dandelion // Okra // Kale

Last Song Played on Repeat: Ngou Bagayoko- Kulu

Last Movie Watched: "Human Flow" by Ai Weiwei- must watch!

Retreats: Wellsurfness Retreat - Maldives; We Are Creative Adventurers - Mexico & Morocco; Beloved Retreat - Miami; Plantpower Way Retreats - Italy & Ireland

To see all of Leia's work and a more "comprehensive" bio, visit sustainabilityspotlight.com

Photography courtesy of  Natalya DeSena .

Photography courtesy of Natalya DeSena.

Photo courtesy of Kumiko Hayashi

Photo courtesy of Kumiko Hayashi